Calming, Make-up Removing Floral Water - AVIV 120ml

Calming, Make-up Removing Floral Water


General Description: A facial rinse for the evening. Soothes the facial skin after daily effects of make-up, pollution etc. Enhances the permeation of the Facial Serum. Also helps skin which is mildly acne-prone. Calms diaper rash in babies.



  • Calms skin (reduces tonus)
  • Regulates the sebum secretions of the skin
  • Enhances skin regeneration


Suggested Active ingredients: Fennel floral water, Geranium floral water, Tarragon floral water, Lavender oil, Ylang oil, Fennel oil. The resulting mixture is rich in coumarines.


Usage instructions: Use in the evening, 1-2 hours before going to bed.


Limitations: None.


Comments: Can be used to calm the skin following insect bites and in cases of eye fatigue.

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